The main vision of My Gas Ltd. and the endeavor it has undertaken is to save natural gas as much as possible. We at My Gas Ltd. know that this is not a renewable source and hence has to be used calculative and with caution. We hope to distribute gas cylinder as fuel in every house in Bangladesh and through it increase employment opportunity. To Help in our own small way in the socio economic development of Bangladesh and take pride in fulfilling our inert responsibility in saving the natural environment and ultimately helping the  government in making sustainable fuel policy for the country.



My Gas Ltd. came to it’s existence to distribute cylinder gas through its own transportation to every home in the country, to create employment opportunities for the now stagnant work environment. To save the customer’s personal fuel expenditure as incurred. We have also initiated to ensure any type of service relating to cylinder and cylinder usage. We will also undertake replacing the gas cylinder after the use of the product.  Ensuring safety and security of the product is also one of our prime concerns. We at core believe that if cylinder usage is ensured in every home in Bangladesh it will help in controlling de-forestation, will aid in controlling C02, CO, CFC and in turn control Global Warming and finally we believe that our services will be helpful in environmental conservation making the sustainable fuel policy achievable for the country.


Our Service  

 Gas seller service/Online Gas Seller Service: 

My Gas Ltd., started off its operations in the year of 2016, as the First door to door home delivery service providing company delivering LP Gas cylinder in Bangladesh. Based on the huge demand of cooking Gas in Bangladesh, My Gas Ltd. came forward to give an easy way out to get the expected gas brand bottle from anywhere in Bangladesh.  Being a weight heavy product, My Gas Ltd. will give the unique opportunity to its customer to get home delivery service from   home and give end users the relief they have been looking for.

Reticulated System:

Reticulated system is a method of supplying LP gas through a pipe line network from a systematic cylinder bank or bulk tank to every single kitchen of a housing complex or restaurant or heating appliances of industrial complex.

Commercial and Domestic use:



Reticulation system is proper solution for restaurants as they require uninterrupted gas flow for ease of operation there by providing better customer service.


 Real- Estate

The government at present has a reticulation put various restrictions on installation of new gas lines. This has intern led to Real-Estate Company owners increased reliance on LPG supply. Reticulated system can reduce hazard of handling multiple LPG cylinders by installation of centralized gas supply system in the basement or any suitable central place.



Reticulated LPG system can provide manufacturing industries with individual customized sections. It is also relevant use in ship building/ ship yards.


 LPG Bulk Storage Tank Set Up

LPG bulk storage tank is just like a regular oil tank, but cleaner, easier to fill and much more secure than oil. A bulk LPG storage tank is useful alternative option for off-grid areas. It supports gas burners to obtain required PSI supply from gas line. Buildings having more than 300 apartments/ commercial area which consume more than 5 ton gas per month can use LPG bulk storage tank instead of reticulated system.


 Auto Gas Station 

Auto Gas is the common name for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) when it is used as a fuel in internal combustion engines in vehicles or generators. Based on such we undertake set up of auto gas station, wherever required by prospective clients. Ideal client base being filling stations.